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Matzner at al - VIS LEGIS

  • Mgr. Jana Čížková
    Mgr. Adam Brychta
    Mgr. Ondřej Durďák
    Mgr. Jana Konvičková
    JUDr. Ing. Jiří Matzner
    JUDr. Jiří Matzner, Ph.D., LL.M.
    Mgr. Jana Střelcová
    Zuzana Radová
    Mgr. Ivana Kanisová
    JUDr. Janette Prétiová
    JUDr. Lenka Katríková
    kancelář Praha
    kancelář Bratislava
  • MATZNER et al – advokáti v Praze
    Advokátska kancelária VIS LEGIS s. r. o.


provide legal services in the area of commercial law, contractual relations, intellectual property rights, act for clients in civil as well as commercial proceedings.
JUDr. Jiří Matzner, Ph.D., LL.M.

is an integral part of Czech’s legal landscape from time of its establishment in2003. It has considerable experience and a large client base, including world wide corporate, real-estate, domestic corporate, and private own entities to which members the firm has served in a variety of transactions. The firm provides a high standard of services advising corporate and domestic clients on Czech law and EU law matters relevant to their businesses varying from standard deals to complex transactional issues and provide advice and ongoing legal assistance.

has gained experience in commercial, intellectual property law, know-how, civil, criminal and corporate matters, which include advising (whether as a local counsel to corporate firms or working directly with individual clients) on all aspects of their requests.

the capabilities of the firm are reflected in their exceptional credentials and considerable professional experience. Members of the firm are members of the Czech Bar Association and are duly authorized and qualified to render legal services and opinions on the laws of the Czech Republic.
Members of the firm have also published articles in professional publications and have made noteworthy contributions as co-authors of the Czech accounting, commercial and civil chapters of the Czech legal system. The firm has been also a member of American Chamber of Commerce in Prague since June 2004.